• South End Candidate Forum

The South End Neighborhood is represented by an annually elected Board of Directors. Currently there are ten regional board members and one at-large member. The area each board member represents can be seen on the South End map.

Annual elections for the board members take place during the July meeting of the general membership. The Board operates under bylaws voted on by the general membership. Click here for a copy of the bylaws.

Current board members are:

Robert Norvell – President
email: robert@southendneighbors.com

Jeff Fischer – Master-at-arms
email: jeff@southendneighbors.com

Gail A. Levine
email: gail@southendneighbors.com

Aaron Wormus – Vice President
email: aaron@southendneighbors.com

Patricia Recalt
email: patricia@southendneighbors.com

Tony Lofaso

George Matsoukas

Dodger Arp

Rosey Gekas