SENA: Who We Are and What We Do

The South End Neighborhood Association, or SENA was started 19 years ago by a group of concerned and devoted neighbors living south of Southern Boulevard. SENA was birthed for several reasons:

  • To be the conduit and voice of the neighborhood to our elected officials at city hall
  • To encourage neighborhood relationships including social activities, updates on local issues and important alerts affecting the quality of life
  • To educate the community on initiatives affecting life for the “south end”
  • To enhance and protect the image of the south end as a positive, family-oriented community, a great place to live, work and play.
The first board was as diverse as the community itself. It included young families, seniors, representation from all areas of the community including the west side of Dixie Highway. Some issues change and some remain unresolved but SENA has remained a constant resource for the community.

The following are some SENA success stories:

  • Lobbied the city to add sidewalks, curbs, and wheelchair/stroller access systems for west of Dixie
  • Prevented the construction of a Walmart grocery store at the southern gateway property
  • Stopped the downzoning of residential properties along Flagler Drive
  • Work with developers on projects in the SENA boundaries
  • SSupported the city to purchase the key entrance property 8111 on Dixie Highway to encourage economic development
  • Brought in the PGA of America’s to redevelopment of our municipal golf course without housing or commercial development
  • Lobbied for construction of the new tennis center
  • Work with police and code officials to distribute crime updates and implement prevention programs
  • Planted trees along the walking path at Phipps Park and throughout the neighborhood
  • Hold regular free events for neighbors to meet neighbors
  • SENA welcomes hearing about your community concerns

The SENA community has become a strong and formidable advocate for quality-of-life issues that affect the neighborhood. The same principles that SENA was built for continue to live on today. SENA continues working with neighbors and the business community to make the south end better.